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22nd July 2019

How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

A promotion is something many of us want. We want to take that next step on our career paths and gain more responsibilities and recognition (and a pay rise too). For many of our candidates, the opportunity for progression is...

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8th July 2019

What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The gender pay gap is something that has been in the media spotlight lots recently. It is spoken about heavily and there is uproar surrounding it. In this short post, we break down what the gender pay gap is. We also talk about...

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1st July 2019

The Words ‘Recruit’ and ‘Retain’ Shouldn’t be Feared in Logistics

Third-party logistics companies across the UK say that recruiting and retaining staff is one of their biggest challenges. This is due to lack of available candidates – partly because of the national unemployment rate being at...

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24th June 2019

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health at Work

Mental health is real and it needs to be taken seriously. Research shows that it cost UK businesses £35b last year alone. This doesn’t even include the damage that mental health can cause to the wellness and physical health of...

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10th June 2019

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Hiring in a Candidate Driven Market

The current recruitment market is candidate driven. This means that as an employer it can be harder than usual to find the right candidate for your vacancy. You will spend time finding the right ways of advertising your vacancy,...

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4th June 2019

Our Education System Needs to Change in Line with Industry 4.0

The introduction of computers and automated processes during the last industrial revolution transformed manufacturing beyond recognition and paved the way for significant disruption to the workforce. Now, on the eve of Industry...

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26th May 2019

Should You Research the Employer Before Interview?

We’ve all been there. We walk into the interview feeling prepared and confident. The interview questions and answers are flowing as you chat about your experience, hobbies and spare time activities. Then it is time for the next...

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12th May 2019

How Will the New Minimum Wage Affect Your Business?

As of 1st April this year, a new national minimum wage was introduced. If you are unsure of how this affects your business and what it can mean for your employees, we break down the facts and figures… The new minimum wage...

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12th April 2019

Are You Ready for a Management Job?

You may have seen lots of management jobs advertised online and you’re wondering if a role in management is the next step for you? Perhaps you have loads of experience in your industry and know your job role inside and out, but...

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19th March 2019

Conscious Age Discrimination in Wage Legislation

In 2006 age discrimination legislation was introduced which prevented hiring managers and recruiters from requesting information about a candidate’s age. Prior to this it was commonly expected that a candidate would include...

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