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1st August 2022

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity and integrity are key infrastructures in the workplace. And from one’s point of view, it’s the first decision determining the value of the work culture. Where should you start as a recruiter and what are the...

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3rd February 2021

The Future of Engineering

Engineering is currently going through a fascinating period of growth and change. With companies continuing to push the boundaries of what we deem possible of technology. This leaves us often asking myself the question ‘what...

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25th March 2020

Home-Schooling Top Tips

Families across the UK are scrambling to figure out how they can keep their children’s education going at home. With school closures happening all across the country due to the coronavirus outbreak, public schools are...

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20th March 2020

UK Government Announce Key Worker List

Key workers list revealed… and it’s very extensive! On Thursday 19th March 2020, the Government released an official list of all key workers whose children can go to school amid closures. It’s a wide-ranging list...

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19th March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest News

Last updated on Friday 26th March, 9.15am Recruit Mint is continuing to monitor official government guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is constantly being updated and adapted to keep up with developments in this global...

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3rd March 2020

Your Recruitment Strategy Needs Data Analytics

In today’s hiring environment, it’s more important than ever to find a strong candidate for a given job as efficiently as possible. With the cost of turnover, the time it takes to interview, and the management and...

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18th February 2020

How Can I Improve My Work-Life Balance?

Feel like you’re missing out on life? Many business professionals across the UK admit to feeling that way due to being overworked and overwhelmed on a constant basis. Maintaining a strong work-life balance may seem laughable or...

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4th February 2020

How to Increase Productivity at Work

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn In business, time is money. Business professionals work around the clock to get everything accomplished so that the business runs smoothly and deadlines are...

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21st January 2020

6 Ways to Attract Top Performers

Gone are the days where employees joined a company and worked up the ranks until retirement day. UK employees want more out of their careers and will willingly change jobs if they feel they aren’t being challenged, valued or...

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7th January 2020

Will Automation Replace Lorry Drivers?

If you work in the logistics industry, you may be wondering how the introduction of self-driving lorries will affect you. Although automation will not replace lorry drivers in the foreseeable future, self-driving lorries will...

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