Below is a list of candidates and job seekers that are currently on our every expanding database. We cover a range of Commercial, Industrial and Technical skill sets, you can clearly see the number of candidates that fit into each of these sub sectors.

Building on our incredibly robust 17 point process we have recently introduced our amazing Gold Leaf Service with a 6 month guarantee and 110% rebate structure, you can find more details about these below.

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Are you worried about spending money on a placement only for the person to leave in 3 months, leaving you with a large recruitment fee and a member of staff short?

Well stop worrying!

We have introduced our amazing Gold Leaf Service! This guarantees our placements for a whole 6 months, with an unbelievable 110% rebate of the fee if your new employee leaves!

Why and how are we doing this? We are so confident in our service offering that we go the extra mile to make sure that person is right for you and you are right for them! We?re not just saying we do it right, we are actually putting our money where our mouth is!

Why us?

We make sure that our service is personal and professional. We will understand your requirements and tailor a service to suit you.

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Our 17 point recruitment process is thorough and robust, so much so that we base our Gold Leaf service offering around this.

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