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3rd January 2019

10 Signs That it’s Time for You to Find a New Job

Posted in: Career Change
Is it time to make a job change?

Everyone gets restless at work from time to time. Whether you’re in your ideal job or working at a job you fell into, it’s not uncommon to hit a restless patch. But, how do you distinguish between a little restlessness and a definite sign that it’s time to make a job change?

You can wait too long to recognize that a job is not a good fit but, waiting can have a negative impact on your ability to make the decision to leave, especially when you get along well with your colleagues. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to make the difficult decision that it’s time to make a job change.

Most people can’t afford to leave a bad job at the drop of a hat, but delaying too long can be detrimental to yourself, the company and their customers. If you are unsure whether it is the right time to leave your job, have a look through the 10 warning signs below.

The 10 warning signs it’s time to make a job change

Dread Monday mornings

Now, we have all been there lying in our beds with the alarm insisting it’s time to get up and start the commute, this doesn’t make anyone excited about Mondays.

However, this is very different from dreading Monday mornings. If you’re feeling sick with dread every Sunday evening and hoping each week that you will win some money, just so you don’t ever have to go back to your job, then now is the time to look for a new job and get out.

Regularly call in sick to work

Be honest, how many sickies have you thrown this year? If you’ve got a hangover, or just can’t be bothered every now and again then that’s one thing (not that we’re condoning it), but if you’re calling in sick on a regular basis just so you don’t have to face work, then it’s time to start searching for a new job.

Not reaching your full potential

You’ve been doing your role for a couple of years now and you’re able to complete all your daily tasks, and do them well, whilst blindfolded. This lack of a challenge at work can quickly make you start to resent your job and the company you work for. First, show an interest in taking on more responsibility and make your boss aware. If that doesn’t work, then it may be time to take your skills and experience elsewhere.

Hate your boss

Whether they make your life a misery with overloading you with too much work, overlooking you for a promotion you deserve, to actual bullying. A bad boss can turn a great job into a nightmare.

However, they are your boss and making a complaint against them can be a daunting process. If it’s all too much, then you can always make the most of that wonderful moment when you hand in your letter of resignation.

Just want a change

Finding a new job doesn’t have to be because of anything negative. It doesn’t mean that you’re not doing yourself and your old employer a favour. Sometimes, you’ve just reached the end of your time with your current job and feel it’s the right time to move on. This is always the best way to leave, on a high, with your boss’ or company’s blessing.

No progression

Employees want opportunities for progression. Allowing your career to plateau is inevitable when you’ve become indispensable in your present position, that they don’t envisage you doing anything else. So, if you’ve been in the same job for the past three years, and you want to continue moving forward in your career, but there’s nowhere to go at your current company, it might be time to begin searching for a new role.

Not gaining any new skills

Employees want work that engages and pushes them. But here, you’re not feeling challenged in any of the tasks that you do, and you’re not learning any new skills. Have you started taking matters into your own hands? Seeking courses, conferences and seminars so you can learn a new skill and stay sharp. Or, even worse, you’ve just become complacent and bored. If this sounds like yourself, it sounds likely the company isn’t serious about investing in your development. Which means it’s time to find a new job, and a company that values you and your personal development.

No passion and poor productivity at work

If your productivity has started to deteriorate, you no longer produce the quality of work you used to, perhaps it’s because you feel distracted and you’re checking Facebook every five minutes, playing around with Snapchat, or constantly find yourself searching the internet, you might need to look for a more mentally stimulating job.

Sleep disruption

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep? Do you wake up during the night with worries about your job? Sleep is very important to your health, and job-induced stress can be a major cause of poor sleep. Unfortunately, this can make a bad job seem even worse than it is. Being tired all the time can make everything seem like a challenge. If this sounds like you and your job is having this kind of impact on your home-life and well-being, then update your CV and start searching for a new job.

You no longer get on with your work colleagues

It’s better to leave a job on good terms, so you can keep your past employer as a source for recommendations and as a network connection. It’s also important to avoid being fired if you can help it.

If your unhappiness within your current job is causing tension in the office with your other colleagues, or if you have received warnings about your performance or conduct, then it’s definitely time to move on and start looking for a new position.

What can you do next?

After going through our 10 signs it’s time to change your job, if you found similarities in your current situation, then, unfortunately, it is time to make a change. You don’t have to go through the whole process by yourself, our specialist consultants are here to help you every step of the way.

To get the ball rolling, email us your CV or give us a call today on 01733 802300. If you have an idea of what job you want, then check out our job search.

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