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The Recruit Mint Process

  • 1Take the Vacancy

    We take our clients requirements seriously. We won’t just ask you for a job spec, our aim is to make sure we understand everything about the opportunity

  • 2Meet the Client

    By meeting with you we gain a much better feel for the role, company, culture and environment. This allows us to not only match on skills, but also on what matters when it comes to retaining your workforce – personality, drive, determination, aspirations and motivations.

  • 3Agree Strategy

    Can we help? Is it viable? We will be honest with you from this initial meeting. We will use our experiences to manage expectations and give realistic timelines. We will listen to you to make sure the correct strategy is in place to ensure a successful outcome.

  • 4Candidate Attraction

    We will give you details on all of our candidate attraction capabilities such as job boards, advertising, internal databases, social networking, headhunting and referrals. These systems allow us to find the best possible candidates to suit your requirements.

  • 5Filter Candidates

    Utilising our knowledge gained from our in depth client meeting, this allows us to successful filter those candidates with the relevant skills and experience required for your role.

  • 6Telephone Interview

    This will allow us to ascertain their capability on the phone (in case that is required as part of the role) whilst also assessing their professionalism, approach to the opportunity and confirming their skills and experience.

  • 7Discuss Needs

    As part of the telephone interview we delve deeper into the candidate’s motivations and aspirations such as location, environment, hours of work, remuneration and career path are viable for the opportunity, making an informed decision who moves to the next stage of the process.

  • 8Meet the Candidate

    Far more than just a telephone conversation, meeting a candidate gives us a real insight in to their demeanour, attitude, presentation, professionalism, time keeping and genuine interest in the role. It also allows us to set candidates tasks to increase their commitment and further evaluate their suitability.

  • 9Present Candidate to Client

    Not settling for sending a standard CV, as part of our candidate filtration process, we will further strengthen their application and suitability by also including a candidate prepared key skills document tailored to your essential needs for the role.

  • 10Prepare Candidate Pre Interview

    We will give the candidate all of the correct details for the interview via an automated system. We will give further details with regards to format, dress code, interviewers information and arrival instructions.

  • 11Manage Offer Acceptance

    Having already taken an offer we believe the candidate will accept, we will present the opportunity to them in a way that makes them feel highly valued, increasing the possibility of acceptance.

  • 12Maintain Communication

    We will manage the candidate through the resignation stage, potential counter offer and last minute nerves. We will stay supportive, available and in constant communication.

  • 13Interview Feedback

    It is imperative that we speak to both our candidates and clients after the interview. This allows us to feedback to both parties, whether successful or unsuccessful to offer personal and constructive information that will assist them in the future.

  • 14Take Job Offer

    By giving a consultative approach, we will give you honest advice on whether your offer will likely to be accepted by the candidate prior to the offer being made. This reduces the possibility of a candidate feeling undervalued and potentially withdrawing their application.

  • 15Check in Candidate

    A quick call or visit to make sure that our candidate has arrived safely on their first day.

  • 16Supply Welcome Gift

    It is important to Recruit Mint that all candidates are appreciated and feel valued. We like to say a small thank you and a big well done, sending them a personalised gift to their new work address.

  • 17Check Status

    Ensuring that the candidates are not forgotten, we maintain constant communication with both parties, whilst also asking for feedback on our official trustpilot site, allowing us to continuously improve our service offering.

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