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Complaints Procedure

Complaints and Escalation Policy

The Complaint and Escalation Policy sets out the policy for Recruit Mint Ltd (known as “the Company”). Recruit Mint Ltd, is committed to delivering high quality professional services and being responsive to any concerns in a clearly defined and effective manner. If you would like to make any comments, suggestions, raise a query or make a complaint about the service you have received, please contact us using the contact details below:

Aaron Bowes (Director):
Telephone: 01733 802300

In this Complaint and Escalation Policy, a Complaint is defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance in relation to Recruit Mint Ltd.

Purpose of the Complaints Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set clear standards for our customer service and to review and improve our level of service.
The aim is to ensure that we provide a helpful, friendly and effective service and therefore ensure that every employee within the Company will put our customers at the centre of our service.

This policy will be accessible by all customers and employees. All staff will exhibit customer friendly service skill, and be knowledgeable, professional and courteous in meeting the needs of our customers.

Any complaints will be dealt with speedily and efficiently. We will put processes in place so that our staff members treat complaints courteously and empathetically and, so far as possible, keep the customers involved in decisions about how their complaints are handled and considered.

The following complaints are not subject to this policy:

  • A complaint which is being, or has been, investigated by another authority
  • A complaint about which the complainant has stated in writing that he or she intends to take legal proceedings
  • A complaint arising out of any allegation that we have failed to comply with a data subject request under the Data Protection Act 1998 or a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, both of which are covered by provisions under those acts
  • A complaint about which we are taking, or propose to take, disciplinary proceedings in relation to the substance of the complaint against the person who is the subject of the complaint Persons who may make a complaint under this process are:
  • A customer or any other person who is affected by, or likely to be affected by, any action, omission or decision of ours
  • A representative of such customer or person. Such representative must, in the opinion of a Director, be suitable to act and have sufficient interest in the customer’s or person’s welfare. If a Director decides that the representative is not an appropriate person to act as a representative, then they will notify that person in writing, stating the reasons

Making the Complaint

A complaint can be made orally or in writing (including electronically) to a Director. If the complaint is made orally, a Director will make a written record of the complaint, this will include:

  • The name of the complainant
  • The subject matter of the complaint
  • The date on which the complaint is made

Where the complaint is made in writing, a Director will make a written record of the date on which it was reserved, which is then deemed to be the date on which the complaint is made.

Accessibility – This Complaints and Escalation Policy is available within the Peterborough office.

Confidentiality – The Complainants identity will be actively protected unless disclosure is consented by the Complainant. All information regarding the complaint will be kept in confidence unless disclosure is agreed or where it is necessary, in order to investigate the complaint.

Fairness – Recruit Mint Ltd will deal with the complaint in a fair and impartial manner. Any decisions and subsequent action will only be engaged once a full investigation has been undertaken. If the complaint is made towards an individual, they will be given the full details of the Complaint and granted the opportunity to respond.

Responsiveness – Complaints will be acknowledged within two working days and dealt with effectively and efficiently. Any Complainant will be treated courteously and will be regularly informed throughout the process.

Time Limit for making a Complaint

A complaint need not be investigated if it is not made within six months of the date on which the matter, which is the subject of the complaint, occurred, or within six months of the date on which the matter which is the subject of the complaint came to the notice of the complainant.

If the aforementioned time limit is not met and a Director is of the opinion that the complainant had good reasons for not making the complaint within the above time limit, the complaint may be investigated under this process provided it is still possible at the time to investigate the complaint effectively and efficiently.

Acknowledgement of a Complaint

A Director will send to the complainant a written acknowledgement of the complaint within two working days of the date on which the complaint was made.

Where the complaint is made orally, the acknowledgement will be accompanied by the written record mentioned above, with an invitation to the complainant to sign and return it.

All correspondence relating to complaints will be marked ‘Private and Confidential’.


A Director will investigate the complaint to the extent necessary and in an appropriate manner to resolve it speedily and efficiently.

In some cases, and with the agreement of the complaint, a Director may make arrangements for conciliation, meditation or other assistance for the purposes of resolving the complaint. A Director will try to determine the expectations of the complainant such as an investigation, explanation and apology.

A Director will take reasonable steps to keep the complainant informed about the progress of the investigation – this will be in writing or by telephone. But, in the case where information is given by telephone, a record will be made of any telephone call to show that we have complied with this requirement.

Where an investigation is protracted, contact will be made regularly with the complainant, no less frequently than once a month. The Complainant has a right to enquire about the status of the investigation at any time by contacting a Director.

The Complainant will be given a timescale of the investigation in writing. If the investigation is likely to exceed this timeframe, a Director will write again with an expected date of completion and explain why the delay has occurred.

Action Following Investigation

After carrying out the investigation, a Director will prepare a written response to the Complainant summarising the nature and substance of the complaint, describing the investigation and stating its conclusions.

Investigations will be pursued promptly and diligently to allow for the written response to be sent to the complainant within 14 working days beginning on the date on which the complaint was made or, where this is not possible, as soon as practicable.

Any remedial action needed and any identified during the investigation will be implemented without delay and the Company will monitor and ensure that the new processes will be adhered to.

In cases of a complaint following an error, Recruit Mint Ltd aim to properly investigate the complaint and identify positive steps to reduce the likelihood of further errors. It should be the last occasion that the complainant has to make a complaint.

Escalation of Complaints

If the Complainant is not satisfied with the response of the investigation, the Complainant can refer the matter back to a Director. This should be within seven days of the written response of the outcome of the investigation.

In such a case, the Complainant will be given an amended timeframe for the resolution and further action will be taken without delay.

Contact Information

Contact: Aaron Bowes (Director)
Telephone: 01733 802300
Postal Address: 17 Church Walk, Peterborough PE1 2TP

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