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27th December 2018

How to Find a New Job Over the Festive Period

Posted in: Candidate Tips
New Job for 2019

Over the festive period whilst eating and drinking more than you ever thought possible, the time away from work can make you contemplate your thoughts about wanting to return come the new year.

If you’re already dreading the first day back in the new year, then we strongly advise setting some time aside during the holidays to focus on searching for a new job that will make you feel fulfilled in 2019. Follow our top tips below on finding that perfect role.

Creating the perfect new job

The last thing you want to do is start applying for any type of new job you feel may be better than your current one, only to find yourself feeling unfulfilled 6 months into the new role. We recommend setting some time aside to create your criteria for your ideal new job opportunity. You should consider all the below factors:

• Job responsibilities
• Industry
• Company size
• Culture
• Company history & stability
• Career progression
• Personal development opportunities
• Hours (flexible working)
• Benefits

Once you have identified the characteristics of the perfect new job, you can then move on to the next steps with a clear view of what you want.

Updating your CV and covering letter

You have clearly identified what type of role and company you want, it’s now time to update your CV and covering letter. To give yourself the best opportunity of securing the role you should tailor both to each individual role. This is a time-consuming activity, make sure to plan for this when you begin applying for jobs to maximise the possibility of getting an interview.

Registering with recruitment agencies

Allow recruitment agencies to help you find the role, you have identified the criteria for the new job you want and you have updated your CV and covering letter. By providing this information to the recruiter, if they follow the process that we do, they will only contact you regarding opportunities that match your specified criteria.

Applying for jobs

You should now be ready to begin searching for that new job, shortlisting the relevant ones against your criteria and applying with a tailored CV and covering letter.

It’s important to remain motivated whilst going through this process. Remember that not every application will lead to an interview, and not every interview will lead to a job offer. But, by following these steps, when you do get that job offer, it will be for a position that you want at a company you want to work for.

What’s next?

The myth that the festive period is a slow period in recruitment is as false as the smile on their face when they open your present to find some new socks. Usually, job-postings outstrip the number of job-seekers. Use this time wisely to get in ahead of the rest.

We want to help you succeed in finding the perfect role and job in Peterborough, if you want us to help then click here to register or email us your CV. Happy hunting!