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24th June 2019

Tips to Improve Your Mental Health at Work

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mental health at work

Mental health is real and it needs to be taken seriously. Research shows that it cost UK businesses £35b last year alone. This doesn’t even include the damage that mental health can cause to the wellness and physical health of an individual. But as a business, how you can help improve mental health at work?

While there is no quick fix, magical cure or special wand you can wave to make it all go away, there are small changes that you can put in place. Tackling and improving mental health in the workplace is an ongoing thing that needs dedication and the right kind of devotion. We have put together some tips for you.

Ways to improve mental health at work

  • Actively encourage employees to take a break from their desks at work. This includes walking directly up to your employees and consulting them. Going for a short walk of just ten minutes lets off those happy endorphins and improves your mental health.
  • Stress balls are a great addition to every desk. However, try to avoid gimmicks such as having company branded stress balls. Present them to your employees in a professional, comforting manner – not simply leaving one on each desk.
  • Good, healthy, fresh food is good for improving mental health. Instead of treating the office to doughnuts and cakes, invest in a hamper of delicious fresh fruit from a local supplier.
  • Create an open door policy where employees, team leaders and yourself talk about mental health. Allow an open forum to discuss thoughts, opinions and concerns.
  • Don’t avoid mental health in the workplace like the elephant in the room. Ensure that it in the workplace is addressed in the right way and never spoken ill about.

Whilst these suggestions may appear very simple in nature, they are the foundations for a better working environment.

Don’t ignore the mental health of your employees

It is 2019. Mental health should be a concern for business owners and a priority to address. As recruiters, we are often asked by candidates applying for jobs if mental health is a concentration factor to employers, and, if it is on their ‘items to address’.

It is highly recommended that you have policies in place to address mental health. Take the time to understand the complications and implications of it and ensure that mental health is treated with seriousness within your business.

You may want to consider introducing ‘mental health days’ for employees or the option of flexi-working to tackle burnout. Take a look at the current processes within your business too. Encourage your employees to focus on themselves as much as they focus on work. However, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you do the same.

For more information about how you can improve your working practises for your employees feel free to speak to us. If you feel you may be suffering from something, please speak to the NHS on 01612 537216 for fantastic support. If the company you’re currently working at do not take your mental health seriously, then it may be time to look for a new challenge. This is where we can help you. We will only place you in a company that suits you perfectly and you’re happy to work for. Check out our latest vacancies for more.

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