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3rd September 2019

How to Successfully Manage Change in the Workplace

Posted in: Employeer Advice
manage change

Change is constant in this day and age. However, that doesn’t mean that change is easy. To manage change correctly in your workplace, you need to work closely with your colleagues and team.

It is important that you work closely with your employees and set clear goals and targets, tell them how this change will be managed, what they can expect, and finally what you expect. Clear expectations are the key to success when it comes to change management.

Whether you have changed the way the company runs, there has been a change in the hierarchy, or new management have joined the company, you need to consider how you successfully manage change in your workplace. We have put together some tips to help streamline the process of change in your workplace.

Have a plan and set goals

Change is inevitable in all businesses and it is essential for a business to grow and succeed. Take the time to work out the objectives of the change for your business and how these work with the mission statement of the company. Ensure that there are always goals and milestones in place to ensure that the business continues to develop, expand and reach wider audiences as change.

Define your changes and their benefits

To manage change successfully, take the time to talk to employees about the progressions (changes) they can expect. Talk about why these are being introduced and the benefits to the business and them personally. Explain that the progressions have been introduced to improve on the old and develop. These progressions are not meaning the business is starting from scratch again and you can still celebrate the old.

Listen to others and adapt

Remember, for some people change can be unnerving.

Speak to your employees and colleagues, but also listen to what they are saying. Have you held an open forum where their views and thoughts can be discussed? If you have shareholders, they may need to be involved in these discussions too.

It may be a good idea to speak to trusted people in business to hear their thoughts and ideas. These business owners may have experienced similar changes in their workplace and have advice for how you can manage change.

Finally, it is important to remind others, and remember yourself, that these progressions and changes are not set in stone. You and your team need to be flexible with these changes to ensure the best outcome for the business and employees.

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