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Why Us?

There are a lot of Recruitment Agencies. So the question is………why should you call or register with us when there are so many others?

Yes, you could call us because we just happen to have advertised that role that you have been looking for.

And yes, that is a good enough reason to call us. However, we want you to call us even if that role isn’t currently advertised! Why? Because you are important to us! You are what we need to be successful! We want to be the agency that you recommend, that you remember, that you come back to and the one that you call when looking for that new opportunity!

In order to achieve this we have to live by our mission statement.

“Our belief is simple. We want to be better than the competition, to achieve this we Listen, Consult, Advise, Feedback, Explore, Question, Think, Understand, Improve and Work Hard for our clients and candidates.”

It is great having a nice mission statement, but what does that actually mean? Well…..


  • We listen > to your needs, requirements, likes, dislikes, motivations and aspirations.
  • We consult > we will explain our services, what opportunities we have and how we can help you find that right opportunity.
  • We advise > we will strengthen your application, we will advise on interview techniques, CV changes and forgotten but important aspects such as body language.
  • We feedback > we will provide productive feedback on your applications, whether successful or not, allowing you to improve as an individual and learn from what wasn’t right in this circumstance.
  • We explore > we will explore all avenues for you, not just existing vacancies, but also potential vacancies at clients we have been dealing with for years.
  • We question > we will question you, we will question our clients, we will utilise this information to help maximise each and every opportunity.
  • We think > we will use our experience, not just individually, but also as a business to ensure that we are thinking the right way to help you find that new position.
  • We understand > we know how difficult it can be trying to find a new position, or how hard it is leaving that job you have been in for the past 10 years, but we understand you and your situation.
  • We improve > we will learn from our experiences to ensure we continually improve our service offering to you.
  • We work hard > easily forgotten, but in our opinion the most important! We will work hard to make sure we do everything possible for you to be successful in your application and help you find that position you have always dreamed of!


Our service offering isn’t rocket science and isn’t complicated! But it is thorough, personal, professional and successful.

That is why you should call us!

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