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Have yourself a merry little Christmas job in Peterborough

Posted by | November 25, 2015 | Company News

Jobs in Peterborough, Peterborough recruitment agency, Christmas jobs Peterborough, Seasonal work Peterborough

It’s around this time of year that the feeling of being able to make use of an extra few hundred pounds intensifies. We all know what it’s like when the extra treats, or perhaps even the less-essential essentials such as a painting and decorating, get put off for the want of spare money in the bank, but at Christmas, this feels like something we just can’t ignore.

Luckily, Christmas is a time when we’re more likely than ever to be able to pick up a bit of extra work that won’t commit us to much more than a few additional hours a week until the holiday period is over. Many employers are able to fit in around temporary staff, and work is often at times that actually make it easier to fit around other commitments, such as a day job.

Temporary seasonal work is also ideal for students. For anyone who studies full time for large chunks of the year, the opportunity to work as much or as little as needed over Christmas is a god-send. Grabbing a temporary part-time job can be a brilliant antidote to that feeling of doing too little and eating too much, too! There’s a sense of fun, excitement and camaraderie that often goes hand-in-hand with a Christmas job, especially if it’s at a bar or restaurant.

For the pick of seasonal jobs in Peterborough, a trip to a recruitment agency is always worthwhile. A good agency should have a generous selection of different kinds of jobs, with hours that suit you. They should take into account what you can and can’t do, and where your skills lie, and use this information to guide you into the temporary role that will suit you best.

Recruit Mint is a Peterborough recruitment agency, improving people’s lives one successful career move at a time…



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Earning and learning: training opportunities in Peterborough

Posted by | November 18, 2015 | Company News

Training opportunities in Peterborough, Jobs in Peterborough, Peterborough Recruitment Agency, Recruitment Consultant Jobs, Opportunities in Peterborough, Improving Peoples Lives

Degree course, or apprenticeship? Essentially, the argument is between a more formal approach to learning, which leads to a prized qualification but costs an awful lot of time and money; and in-work learning, which sees you paid to learn well on the job but runs the risk of locking you out of some roles that may require a degree.

It’s an interesting discussion, but one that ignores a vital element: formal learning and training whilst in work should not be either/or. Whether or not you studied on a degree course (and if you haven’t, it’s never too late to do so if that’s what you want, with many courses offering part-time and home-study options), training in work is something that employees should expect. And we don’t just mean the courses that everyone gets sent on where you learn how to operate the new database or not trip over stuff, we’re talking about sharing the latest industry best practice; regular, high-quality skills upgrades; and the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications.

As investments go, it’s a no-brainer. Well-trained, educated staff will outperform lesser skilled employees at rival firms; they’ll also feel truly valued, which means they are more likely to stay in post to help business grow, and feed into positive vibes within the workplace and the brand presented to customers and clients.

At Recruit Mint, we believe in improving people’s lives, and we believe that part of that improvement can be found in training, skills and education, delivered in and outside of the workplace. It’s why we’ve launched the Recruit Mint Academy, an initiative that will see us take on novices with potential, in order to train and educate them in the business of recruitment. We believe we’re the only Peterborough recruitment agency to do this, and we’re extremely proud to be actively creating opportunities in Peterborough, not just promoting them.

If you want to find out more about training opportunities in Peterborough, jobs in Peterborough and recruitment consultant jobs, like and follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and keep an eye on local media.

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Engineering jobs: build it, and they’ll come…

Posted by | November 11, 2015 | Company News

Recruitment Agency Peterborough, Jobs in Peterborough, Peterborough Jobs, Peterborough Recruitment Agencies, Engineering jobs, Recruit Mint

Peterborough’s prospects continue to soar, reflected in the extensive refurbishments to central areas such as Bourges Boulevard and Cathedral Square, and an arts and culture scene that easily rivals those of much bigger cities. The place is buzzing with life and prosperity, truly cosmopolitan in its outlook and its offer to visitors and residents alike.

This modern vibrancy is powered by a steady and well-established engine: a strong, reliable economy with manufacturing and engineering at its core. Not only does this underpin ongoing financial success, it helps to develop the city socially, too, evolving a skilled and sophisticated community that demands attractive and well-maintained surroundings to live and work in, and high-quality arts, education and leisure pursuits.

The steady supply of jobs in Peterborough’s manufacturing and engineering industries is thanks, in large part, to several significant family firms, all of whom are admired and regarded with great fondness throughout the city. And the international reputation they helped to build has resulted in an environment of rapid innovation and growth. Engineering jobs in Peterborough are now found in tech start-ups, small-to-medium firms (SMEs) and larger companies relocating, all of who feel at home and well-supported in the city’s can-do and tech-savvy atmosphere. With a boom in the local economy, Peterborough jobs are being created at a fantastic rate.

As a Peterborough recruitment agency (specialising in manufacturing, engineering and industrial jobs) we have our finger on the pulse of employment in the city as – and in some cases even before – posts become available. We work closely with clients new and established to fine-tune job descriptions and role requirements, matching the right candidate to each job effectively and efficiently, and providing a gateway to a huge range of jobs that changes daily.

Recruit Mint is a leading Peterborough recruitment agency. We approach every candidate we deal with as an individual, and help develop skills and long-term career goals rather than pushing people into the first job that comes along. Our clients use us again and again, confident that – when it comes to jobs in Peterborough – we supply confident, happy staff who are eager to work and ready to excel.

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Are they being served? Making the most of a customer services job

Posted by | November 4, 2015 | Company News

Jobs in Peterborough, Peterborough recruitment agencies, Writing a CV, Customer Service jobs, Peterborough, Recruit Mint, Peterborough Recruitment Agency Peterborough


If you’re a person who loves people, then taking up a post in Customer Services could be the smartest move you make. Not only will you get to do a job that you love – you could end up shaping your company’s entire brand.

It goes without saying that recruitment agencies, Peterborough or not, are a good place to start – here at Recruit Mint, we will take you through essentials such as writing a CV and presenting your skills in the best possible way. But once you’ve secured your new role in a customer service job, you can begin to make a significant impact.

The image and values that a business presents are powered by three core offers: the ‘three Ps’ – the product, the price and the people. Very often, if a product or price is perhaps not as good as that being offered by a rival organisation down the road, but the people are second-to-none, customers will opt to stick with the staff they like and trust. It’s why utility companies and banks have been forced to start making an effort when recruiting for frontline customer services jobs, aware that poor telephone manners and lack of care can and does drive customers away.

Take up a customer services job, and the company you work for will be relying on you to make the difference between success and failure. You’ll help, daily, to shape and re-shape the perception clients have of what your organisation can give them, both in terms of goods and services, and in feeling happy, supported and well-served.

Recruit Mint is a leading Peterborough recruitment agency. We approach every candidate we deal with as an individual, and help develop skills and long-term career goals rather than pushing people into the first job that comes along. Our clients use us again and again, confident that – when it comes to jobs in Peterborough – we supply confident, happy staff who are eager to work and ready to excel.

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Meat: A tale for Halloween

Posted by | October 28, 2015 | Company News

Halloween, spooky story, horror, recruitment, job, scary story, knife, Recruit Mint

The following is a true story from the industry…

It was the end of an ordinary day at the office. I’d locked up and was about to turn the sign, when a young man came running up to the door and began banging on it so hard I thought he’d break the glass. The look on his face was one of sheer and utter terror…

Hastily, I drew back the bolt and let him in. He all but fell onto the chair I offered him, and sipped gratefully at the brandy I placed into his shaking hand. After a few minutes, he became calmer.

‘This… this is a recruitment agency, right?’ I nodded, pulling open my notebook and sharpening my pencil. ‘Thank goodness,’ he continued. ‘Only, I need a new job, and I need it fast.’

‘May I enquire as to why?’ I said, trying to push thoughts of the delicious dinner waiting at home to the back of my mind.

The young man sighed and shook his head. ‘You’ll think I’m crazy. And then you won’t want to find me a job anywhere else.’

‘Nonsense!’ I beamed. ‘Many of our candidates are completely barmy; in fact, the barmy ones are among the very best that we have. Now, explain everything. We pride ourselves on finding out as much as possible about every job-seeker, and that includes listening to tales of strange and terrifying experiences.’

‘Alright,’ said the man. ‘Here it goes. I landed this job about a month ago, working in a pie shop. My mate who was originally offered it decided to go to Australia, and sent me along instead. At first, it was great. I got to try out loads of new recipes, and my pastry skills came on in leaps and bounds, especially puff pastry, which is always tricky, you know?’

I nodded, sympathetically.

‘Anyway,’ he continued, ‘after a while, I noticed something… something funny. Every time we got a grocery delivery, there was very little in it. Butter and flour of course, and some vegetables – spinach, mostly, and red peppers. But there was no meat. None. No chicken, pork, beef, ham, or game.’

I leaned forward. ‘Go on.’

‘The thing was, the larder was always full of meat, but I never saw it delivered. And when I asked where it had come from, the boss just stared at me and said: “If you keep poking your nose where it’s not wanted, you’ll find out where this meat is from – the hard way!”’

‘And what do you think he meant by that?’ I asked.

‘Well, I did find out, a few days later and by accident,’ explained the man. ‘I was working on a new pie recipe, ham and potato with toasted sage and crumble topping, and as I was slicing the ham… I saw a tooth, in the meat.’

‘Extraordinary!’ I exclaimed, jotting a note on my pad with my pencil. ‘But tell me, why was this so alarming? Pigs do have teeth, after all.’

‘Yeah,’ said the man. ‘But they don’t have fillings, do they?’

I stood up and walked to the window, taking a glance at the empty street as I drew the blind.

‘Does anyone else know about this? Have you called the police?’

‘No. My first thought was that, really, I should probably line up a new job before I did any of that. In fact, as soon as I found the tooth, I dropped everything and came straight here.’

‘Very wise,’ I replied. ‘Very wise indeed. I should think that you feel better now, don’t you?’

The young man nodded, then frowned. ‘Actually,’ he said, the brandy glass slipping from his fingers, ‘I feel… I feel a bit odd. A bit… slightly… gnrghh… flurrrp…’ The last two words were obscured by the fact he had fallen face down onto the carpet, unconscious.

I crossed the room to my desk and picked up the phone, hitting speed dial, button 2. After a moment, my call was answered. ‘Hello, Norman?’ I said. ‘It’s me.’ I prodded the young man with my foot. ‘He’s here, so come and collect him. He’s nice and lean, but not too muscley. I’ll send a replacement over tomorrow. And Norman? Try not to let the cat out of the bag so soon next time, eh?’

I hung up, and put on my coat. I’d soon be home, eating my delicious meat pie dinner…

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Job change? Don’t feel the fear!

Posted by | October 21, 2015 | Company News

job change, fear, recruitment, Halloween, new job

Halloween is almost upon us, and for many people the most frightening thing they can imagine isn’t an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse – it’s changing jobs.

If you really dislike the job you’re doing, it can sometimes make the choice easier: you’re so keen to leave, making the scary leap into the unknown is probably the better option. It’s when you’re fairly comfortable, but uninspired; enjoying the work, but concerned how management operate or treat you and your fellow employees; or worried about the future of the company, that deciding whether to stay or go becomes a really tough choice.

The main concerns that people have when considering a job change are: what if I’m just jumping from the frying pan into a particularly big fire? And, on a more personal level: what if my skills aren’t up to finding a new job?

Let’s put it this way – if an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, and you hadn’t at least tried to find the job of your dreams, you’d probably kick yourself, wouldn’t you? Visit us at Recruit Mint, and we can impartially assess your skills and recommend any training we think you might need, and help rewrite your CV to showcase your abilities, too. We can also calm any fears you might have about potential new employers: we work closely with every single company who seeks new employees through us, making sure that they’re right for us and right for the candidates we represent. If we think someone might not enjoy working somewhere, we don’t recommend it to them – it’s as simple as that.

So, when it comes to job-hunting, there’s nothing to fear this Halloween. (Except the aliens and the zombies, but that’s not our area of expertise, unfortunately…)

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Some secrets of our success…

Posted by | October 14, 2015 | Company News

success, brand, John Lewis, reward cards, loyalty cards, reward schemes, supermarkets


Recently, two of the big four supermarkets, quietly and without fanfare, reduced the monetary value of their reward points. In an age of increasingly sophisticated, technology-driven marketing, reward cards feel cumbersome and passé: a one-note tune played on a loop to an increasingly underwhelmed customer base. Money-off vouchers, that expire and get lost in your purse and are never for stuff you actually buy; and reward points, that seem depressingly low when you tot them up after six months of spending the fat end of £150 on groceries every week – it all feels very 1995.

Some businesses are doing their best to catch up: retailer John Lewis has added innovations to its loyalty card scheme, such as alerts for forthcoming sales, in order to make it feel fresh and more… well, rewarding. But these innovations aren’t great because they’re attached to reward cards, they’re great because they’re attached to John Lewis, who have one of the strongest, most trusted brands not just in the retail sector, but in the UK. John Lewis is using brand as the engine of its decision-making, not weighing up customer allegiance against pounds and pence on a balance sheet.

Developing a strong brand that our customers like and trust is something that we have done from day one. At Recruit Mint, client service and client commitment are two sides of the same coin, and we never aim to appeal to people by simply offering them something that someone else can easily give them – and we certainly don’t just fall in line and do what everyone else is doing. Building relationships, putting clients front and centre of everything we do, and thinking about how our offer can really improve people’s lives – day in, day out – is the secret of our success. Now that is rewarding.

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Recruit Mint: proud to support PARCA

Posted by | October 7, 2015 | Company News

PARCA, Promoting African Refugee Community Association, Peterborough, job fair, recruitment, refugees, asylum seekers, Africa

We were thrilled last week to visit the Peterborough organisation PARCA – that’s Promoting African Refugee Community Association.

The group is a lifeline for those seeking stability and sanctuary in the city from the conflicts that, sadly, still plague parts of Africa. Escaping a place with a high risk of prejudice, destitution or premature death is a profound relief, but the issues that replace them – of not fitting in, of language difficulties and of knowing no-one – can cause a whole new set of anxieties. PARCA recognise this, and are there to extend a friendly and helping hand to not only ease refugees’ worries and answer their questions, but also to make sure that they are able to begin making the most of their community and become part of a work and social scene.

The last thing any refugee wants is to be is a burden in his or her new home, to be seen as someone expecting something for nothing. Finding jobs to financially support themselves and any family they may have brought with them, and to show a willingness to bond with their new compatriots, is essential to morale and to personal dignity. PARCA pride themselves on, in their own words: ‘improving the conditions and lives of all refugees and asylum seekers, from any region of the African continent’ which, you’ve got to admit, is not a million miles from our own motto: improving people’s lives. We knew we would fit right in at the job fair PARCA organised specially to help ease refugees into the world of work.

Jamie Gidney, our Senior Commercial Consultant, attended the fair, and was extremely impressed by PARCA and by the job-seekers he met. ‘The event was very successful,’ he explains. ‘I met many eager and enthusiastic job seekers, and there was a diverse range of skill sets. Many in attendance were keen to have interview preparation along with CV improvement, which I was more than happy to assist with. The event was well organized, and I valued the opportunity to help the community and will no doubt be able to find several attendees a work placement.’

So, many thanks to PARCA, and a big welcome to our new fellow citizens. We hope we can be of service again very soon.

To find out more about PARCA, visit



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Peterborough B2B Exhibition 2015

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Peterborough B2B Exhibition 2015, Kingsgate Centre Peterborough, Recruit Mint

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be attending this year’s Peterborough B2B Exhibition, all kitted out with a stand, giveaways, advice, and opportunities to chat for as long as you like about jobs and career options.

The Peterborough B2B Exhibition is an annual event that’s free to attend. It enables people to connect and network, to swap ideas and forge contacts, and to do business better for a better local business scene. This year, it all takes place at the Kingsgate Centre on Wednesday, 21 October from 9am until 4pm, and over 80 businesses will be attending.

Amongst many opportunities on offer will be two free speed networking sessions, and six seminars that will include advice on the next big thing in digital marketing, how you can use LinkedIn to generate more sales, how to create powerful content with persuasive narratives, and advice from Microsoft on how to get the best results from Windows 10.

If you would like to find out more about the event and how to attend, log on to for more details or follow @PboroB2B on Twitter. We’ll be posting updates up until and after the event, and we’re hoping to see as many of our business buddies – established and future! – as possible.

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