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10th April 2017

Six Tips For Searching For a Job As a Graduate

For graduates just starting a job hunt it can be an overwhelming and daunting prospect. There is a huge amount of competition out there but government figures show graduate unemployment levels are now at the lowest in ten years...

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3rd April 2017

5 Tips for excelling at your presentation interview

Presentation interviews can be extremely nerve racking but they can also provide the perfect opportunity for you to shine against your competitors. We have compiled our top 5 tips to help you prepare. 1. Knowledge Once you know a...

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27th March 2017

What Challenges Lay Ahead for Recruiters this Year?

One of the biggest obstacles facing recruiters in 2017 is how to attract quality candidates. For certain sectors of the industry, last year was tough in attracting top candidates and this year appears to be no different. For...

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20th March 2017

Six Ideas to Improve Your Employee’s Wellbeing

Wellbeing, what does this buzzword mean? The dictionary definition of wellbeing is ‘The state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.’ In regards to the workplace, this means having happy, motivated staff. Employers can have...

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13th March 2017

How Will the Forthcoming Apprenticeship Levy Impact the Recruitment Industry?

More apprenticeships are one of the intentions of the government and their goal is to have 3 million apprenticeships in place from 2020. From 6th April 2017, apprenticeships will be funded differently as the government are...

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6th March 2017

A Record Number of Recruitment Agencies Open Their Doors

Whilst the UK economy remains robust with February’s employment levels hitting a new record of 74.1% the recruitment industry continues to flourish. This has led recruitment entrepreneurs to take a chance by opening new...

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28th February 2017

Unrest Within the Workforce – How It Can Ruin Your Business

Last week we saw the shocking departure of the current Premier League winner Leicester City’s manager Claudio Ranieri. Last year Leicester City to the surprise of many won the Premier League commandeered by Ranieri. Through his...

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27th February 2017

UK Unemployment Set to Rise in 2017

According to official figures, UK unemployment fell by 52,000 to 1.6 million from September to November last year. At this point, the employment rate was at a steady record of 74.5% and the UK jobless rate declined to an 11 year...

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20th February 2017

A Small Victory For Salaries

It is anticipated that overall salaries will increase from 2.4% to around 2.9% in 2017 but after factoring in UK inflation, these will still be the 3rd lowest wage increase in Europe. Due to the instant fall in the value of the...

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15th February 2017

How Is Social Media Changing The Way We Job Hunt?

Social media has grown rapidly in the last 10 years with platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn becoming popular. In 2004, Facebook had only 1 million users but today has over 1 Billion registered users and...

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