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22nd July 2019

How to Ask Your Boss for a Promotion

Posted in: Job & Career Advice
ask for a promotion

A promotion is something many of us want. We want to take that next step on our career paths and gain more responsibilities and recognition (and a pay rise too).

For many of our candidates, the opportunity for progression is essential when job hunting. However, asking for a promotion within your current role can be a tricky conversation. Here is our advice for when the time is right to ask for a promotion.

Before asking for a promotion

Before you consider speaking to your boss, take the time to honestly evaluate your work. It may be a good idea to ask colleagues what they think about your level of work, and also if they think you’re worthy of a promotion.

You then need to think about the sort of promotion you are looking for: would you like a new role to be created, is a colleague being promoted themselves to leave a space open or is your line manager retiring?

Finally, think about how you will have the conversation. If you have a scheduled 1-to-1 coming up or your appraisal – this is a great time. Alternatively, ask your boss for a meeting to address concerns you have about your current career and role within the company.

How to ask for a promotion

When you are in the confines of a meeting with your boss, address your concerns in your current role and present your case. Show evidence of your level of work, the extra responsibilities you have and can take on, and the ideas you have.

Treat the meeting with your boss as an interview. However, it is easier than an interview; your boss knows you already understand the company and values. Along with this, they also know your strengths and skills. Use the meeting as a chance to show you are eager to grow and develop your skills further within the business.

Your boss may not have been expecting this conversation, so you need to be prepared for them to request a secondary meeting. This will be a chance for your boss to speak to relevant colleagues, digest what you have said and put plans into place.

What to do if your promotion request is denied

If you have been turned down for a promotion and feel this is because there will never be a chance of progression, this could be a huge sign that you have gone as far as you can in your current company and position.

It is often the case that a new challenge at a company who values you as a member of staff will allow you to flourish and really kick-start your career progression. If you are interested in exploring other opportunities, then please check out our latest available vacancies, your perfect job could be one click away.

If you’re still unsure on what your next move is and just want a confidential chat about what your options are, then give us a call on 01733 802300. Alternatively, you can send us your CV so we are able to look for that perfect role while you consider your options.