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Monthly Archives: April 2015

25th November 2015

Have yourself a merry little Christmas job in Peterborough

It’s around this time of year that the feeling of being able to make use of an extra few hundred pounds intensifies. We all know what it’s like when the extra treats, or perhaps even the less-essential essentials such as a...

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18th November 2015

Earning and learning: training opportunities in Peterborough

Degree course, or apprenticeship? Essentially, the argument is between a more formal approach to learning, which leads to a prized qualification but costs an awful lot of time and money; and in-work learning, which sees you paid...

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11th November 2015

Engineering jobs: build it, and they’ll come…

Peterborough’s prospects continue to soar, reflected in the extensive refurbishments to central areas such as Bourges Boulevard and Cathedral Square, and an arts and culture scene that easily rivals those of much bigger cities....

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4th November 2015

Are they being served? Making the most of a customer services job

  If you’re a person who loves people, then taking up a post in Customer Services could be the smartest move you make. Not only will you get to do a job that you love – you could end up shaping your company’s entire...

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28th October 2015

Meat: A tale for Halloween

The following is a true story from the industry… It was the end of an ordinary day at the office. I’d locked up and was about to turn the sign, when a young man came running up to the door and began banging on it so hard I...

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21st October 2015

Job change? Don’t feel the fear!

Halloween is almost upon us, and for many people the most frightening thing they can imagine isn’t an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse – it’s changing jobs. If you really dislike the job you’re doing, it can...

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14th October 2015

Some secrets of our success…

Picture: Recently, two of the big four supermarkets, quietly and without fanfare, reduced the monetary value of their reward points. In an age of increasingly sophisticated, technology-driven marketing, reward cards...

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7th October 2015

Recruit Mint: proud to support PARCA

We were thrilled last week to visit the Peterborough organisation PARCA – that’s Promoting African Refugee Community Association. The group is a lifeline for those seeking stability and sanctuary in the city from the...

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30th September 2015

Peterborough B2B Exhibition 2015

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be attending this year’s Peterborough B2B Exhibition, all kitted out with a stand, giveaways, advice, and opportunities to chat for as long as you like about jobs and career options....

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23rd September 2015

University Technical College: part of Peterborough’s bright future

It’s an inspiring time to be involved in the technical, engineering and manufacturing sectors in Peterborough, and we just learned from our friends over at The Moment magazine that things are going to get even more exciting,...

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